hello children of the godess moon ferret

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for that is what humans are, a hybreed beetween a ape and a ferret.
any how, my mums being all yay about me being gay(i didnt mean to make that ryhm)she did somereshearch and desided that a counsler was not a good idea. she also think telling my dad would be a bad idea. she is afriad that ppl will shun me tho. and she says im to young to be in a realtionship with a guy or a girl DX sorry mom, but you are definatley not getting me to leave my boyfriend


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AWW! That's great. =] I'm

AWW! That's great. =] I'm glad that she's accepted you!!! Congrats, hun.

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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much better than your last

much better than your last journal. yay!

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Glad your mom accepts reality. ;-)

She's probably happy to hear you talk about anything that isn't a ferret, even if it's cock.

I never understood being concerned about people shunning you, since the people who shun you are the idiots and assholes. Who doesn't want an easy way to make them go away?

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
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Heyy, that's cool. I'm glad

Heyy, that's cool. I'm glad your mum accepts you. ^^

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Hey Matt, long time no see

Hey Matt, long time no see you (or heard?) .. anyways I missed this place lately.. I couldn't even login.. anyways I hope you are okay and you will get out of any problems you will have in the future