Hes back

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My lover returned today from Atlanta. I am so happy, came home a day early too. He had fun, went to the bars, saw the strippers, and all. He did not have sex with the guy he met there, as he said he was really a phony person face to face. He didn't like him after all he said, and I believe him. Robb used to lie to me on things like that but has not lied to me for over ten years now (at least gotten caught at it that is) So I am much relieved and less stress in my life now. I trusted him to go, to not screw up our relationship and my trust in him has been vindicated. So since I live in a RV I guess I am truly a Happy Camper today.


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Happy happy joy joy!
Thats good news. :)
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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SEE! I told you he would

SEE! I told you he would have a terrible time! I'm glad things worked out. :]

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