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Edit: Do you like the pun? ------------------------------------------>

What was I gonna rage about... Damn, I'm not thinking straight, so I might as well make a list.

1) Thanks guys for the comfort in the last post. I'm slowing recovering from the "Great Depression", but sick nonetheless. Sicker than ever.*sniffs* I'm pretty sure a fever is gonna visit me anytime soon. Don't worry though, I don't think I have Swine Flu, I hope not at least.

2) Today, I've officially failed my very first quiz of the semester on permutation&probabilities, and I've been bitching about it all day, so I'll save some of my frustration and agony on here. I really don't know how I'd survive in college if I'm already failing in grade 12. The only advice I got from my friend is... Start praying.

3) On a lighter note, I'm gonna take the Citizenship Oath and sing "O Canada" tomorrow =) Finally, I'm a legal Canadian soon. Hooray! But on the other hand, I'll have to miss 3 classes, which means I'll fail even more later on... Oh Lord, maybe I should really try praying...

God, save me from this ocean of misery please!


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Citizenship! Yay!

I only know Oh Canada, Our home and native land... Something something *hums off key*.
Thats about it but way cool.
And about the failing... I wouldn't freak out too much. Maybe a little but its pretty early in the school year. You have time to make it up.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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You are right!

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Yay for citizenship! =] Oh

Yay for citizenship! =]

Oh noes! Don't get swine flu. That's never good... doctor visit, perhaps?

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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I'm hoping it'll go away after a few days, I really don't wanna visit my family doctor...

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Congrats on the Canadian Citizenship

As far as the home work is concerned, its called study study study, you need to learn the right way to study, memorization is not always the way to learn things. Some times association of the subject with something that is easy to remember. How do you remember your locker number, write it down? Associate it with your phone number? My point is you learned it by association with something most likely. History, Mathematics, Social events all can be easily learned by study, and association. Some times a song will help you remember something. OR some other means of learning easy will work for you. Ask others on here how they remember things and learn things. Go from there. And don't sweat it, you will do fine in school if you want to. That means may be giving up going out some weekend with your friends and study instead. Myself did lousy in high school, got mostly C and D grades, yet I learned how to study when I got into college and got my Masters, and two Associates degrees now. I actually have a Doctorate in Theology but don't use it any more as I am retired. So ask around and go for it!!!

Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.

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Thanks a lot for the words

Thanks a lot for the words of wisdom =) I'll keep it in mind when I study. My problem is not so much on the grasp and retainment of knowledge, but rather the concentration. I seem to have a very short attention span and I tend to day dream a lot when I study or even during a test LOL It's very distracting... But I'm working on it!

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oh no! and yay!

Oh no! The flu=hell. I hope you feel better soon and that you don't have swine flu. Congrats on the citizenship. yay! And I can relate to the problem with concentrating while studying. It's just so much easier to daydream than to concentrate on concentrating to study, lol.

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It is hell =(

I literally can't breath right now with the stuffed nose... And thanks! I dont even know why I'm still on Oasis right now when I should be studying for another math quiz tmr... LOL

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i dont really know what to say...but i'll give you a huggle! *huggle*
would you look at that? you got two!

That's so straight. No, seriously.