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School's going well, thank god, I had my fears. So far, I've only told one person, my prefect (basically, the person you talk to about all your problems). During the dance last night, I got kinda freaked out due to a couple guys getting a little too handsy. So, I said something about needing air, and ducked right on out of the crazy mosh pit. S, my prefect, was near the edges of the fray, and followed me. Grabbed my shoulder, asked if I was okay...

Me: Um kinda I guess.
S: Okay, let's get a little farther away, huh? Bench over there.
Me: *Nod* alright.
(We walk to the bench.)
S: *Puts her arm around me* So, what's going on?
Me: I, um, well, there's this... person... I like, and I keep seeing them... dancing with someone else.
S: Well, I don't really know many of the freshman boys, who...?
(I stare at the ground and don't say anything)
S: *deep breath* Okay, well, you know, it's only the beginning of the next four years, things change... I'm sorry though, girlie, that's gotta be hard.
Me: *shaking my head and muttering* I can't... I really can't... I'm sorry... I just...
S: *rubbing my shoulder* Hey...
Me: It's M. (Girl who also has S as a prefect, and happens to be knockout gorgeous and amazing)
S: What about her...? OH. You... like M?
Me: *really quietly* Yeah.
S: Is she the first girl you've...
Me: *head shake* No.
S: How long have you known? Or has it always just kinda...
Me: Yeah, sorta always I guess...
S: Aww, hun...
(Insert here a gigantic hug, begun by S)
Me: Thank you.
S: It's no problem, girlie. Is there anything I can do for you?
Me: No, I don't think so, thanks though.
S: I'm so sorry, this must be really hard for you. You know I'm always here to talk, yeah?
Me: Yeah. Thank you so much for, well, just for listening, and not freaking out...
S: No problem, hun! It's not ever a problem, okay?
(Another gigantic hug, this time started by me)

We continued with a joking conversation about the music, the dancing, etc, and eventually she asked if I was ready to go back, I said yeah, and we did. Tada.
Feels good to have someone here know, but I'm still a little stressed about the whole thing. I think I may have seriously hurt the feelings and egos of several freshman boys...


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What a Wonderful Person...

...your Prefect! You are very fortunate to be attending a school where support like that can be found. Don't lose her!

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If only I had a problem with boys getting too handsy... sigh.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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I know exactly what you

I know exactly what you mean, darling! It's so annoying at dances when there are guys who wanna dance with you like that. I'm a lesbian by the way. ;)

And also, great job coming out to your friend! *Big Hug*