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A very cool/cute girl taught me how to fold paper stars today =D Yes... I'm probably the only Asian who didn't know how to do that... But more importantly, I think I have a crush on her.

But why do I always have to act like an idiot around cute girls? This is bothering me... Now she thinks I didn't know what quadrilaterals are =(
Yeah, right.

So I slept at 1am on Monday, 2am on Tuesday, and 3am on Wednesday. The empirical data is pointing at 4am tonight. I just hope the trend isn't linear.

Oh, and I came out to my economics class. For some odd reason, the topic of homosexuality has always floated into our discussions. People seemed to freak out when I say I have a twin brother, and not to the fact that I'm gay. And that freaks me out a little. Just a bit.


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If the trend is linear,

you're seriously screwed. Let's hope for a parabola.

Paper star folding sounds like a fun bonding activity. Maybe it's better that you don't seem to know what a quadrilateral is... this way she won't be scared off by your smartness.

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That's exactly what I'm hoping too! You totally got my mathy sarcasm XD No wonder we are friends LOL

But what if she's scared off by my stupidity? I never learned how to impress a girl, I need advice.

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