i don't know anymore.

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Okay, so, there's this girl, and her name's ashley. i've known her for a while, and we met through myspace. i don't remember when it was that we met, but it's been a while, maybe a year? idk, at least six months. anyway, after a while, of course i got feelings for her the way i tend to do.

well. she has a girlfriend. NO. a fiance. they've been together for FOUR YEARS. yeah, srsly. her name's nicole.

and, well, she seems to have feelings for me, sometimes. when her girlfriend's not around. and, i want to leave, but i can't. like, aside from all this, she's really becoming my best friend. like, i can tell her anything, and she knows everything about me, just like i know everything about her.

i mean, i really think i love this girl.

but i can't do this anymore. like, i've been able to talk to other girls, and be with other girls, but in the back of my mind is ashley. like, i fell for my ex tara, and when we were together, ashley seemed like a way smaller part of my life, but i was back to where i started when tara was gone.

i think i'm going to leave.
like, she's not gonna leave her girlfriend, despite the many times she's said she will. (i know that sounds horrible. i know.) and either way, she's so manic-depressive, which means there's only a 50/50 chance it'll work.

yeah. i'm gonna leave.


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Good Plan.

Probably the best course of action.
That sounds like a risky situation you have on your hands.
<3 FLAME ON! <3