I wish.

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Does anybody else wish that Hayao Miyazaki produced a gay-romanced themed anime? Naturally, I'm talking about boy to boy romance, because well, I don't care about girls that much. Although a lesbian Kiki's Delivery Service would be cool. I would watch it ; ]

But imagine a gay Laputa: Castle in the Sky! That would be so cute! I wouldn't want Nausicaa to be a guy though. I actually like that one heterosexual.

But! Pazu being a homo would be so cute. I think I would faint if it would happen. And a lesbian Kiki. That'd be so awesome! Especially because the kid she likes is an ugo.

Miyazaki makes the best love stories ever. They're so inspiring and uplifting. And somehow, he keeps them so that they're still children's movies. I mean, which would a kid rater watch: the notebook or Laputa?


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Miyazaki's pretty much

Miyazaki's pretty much amazing... maybe all of us at this site should write letters to him requesting a gay love story. :D

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oooh! a gay spirited away!

oooh! a gay spirited away! honestly i could go either way on that one and still go, "Awwww...."

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that would be so cute!

that would be so cute!

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I would say yes, but seeing

I would say yes, but seeing as I have no clue in hell what you're talking about.... o.O lol

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