I'm a douchebag.

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I feel like a complete tool right now, basically. The girl who I used to love two years ago and I have been attempting to be friends again. She used to be my bestfriend and well she was also the one who outed me to my school. I can't trust her and we've already tried being friends again but I wasn't 100% dedicated to that. I guess we're going to try again. Today was full of drama because we have a mutual friend and me and Morgan not getting along is affecting her. Shelby had told me that when I got in my first argument with Morgan, the one who led her to outing me , that Morgans world went to shit. She said that I was her world and when I just ditched her she had nothing. THAT right there made me feel like shit. Shelby has even told me that she's afraid that I'm going to ditch her one day, which I will never do. I don't randomly ditch people, ever.

Tomorrow I'm going to fix things, I promise. I have to figure out how to word my apology and make it sound legit. I've apologized before but that pretty much meant nothing. I just want to give her a hug and say how sorry I am but she doesn't hug. Really, out of our two year friendship and random ass gifts I bought her she never hugged.

Well, I'm off to contemplate my apology speech tomorrow.