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I'm not trying to be vain. I swear it on my poetry. I have girls chasing me right and left and OMG they won't leave me alone! So I've got a girlfriend, DefyingGravity, and I am so so soooo happy she's mine. You have no idea, she's amazing! But then there's 3 girls and then a total closet case who are totally after me.

Subject #1, let's call her L. Bisexual, cute as a button with blue hair and kickin' bod. I liked her last year and we even had a little fling. I asked her out and then she said yes. And then she totally kicks me off my happy podium by taking it back and saying "she wasn't ready." Whatever. Here we are about..oh 6 months later. And she wants me. Bad. Hangin on me, giving me those forlorn looks across the band room. The looks I used to give her.

Subject #2, she shall be called Bre. Some of you may remember that I wrote a few journal entries about her. Yea well, she likes me. A lot. But, even though she's really sweet and gentle and kind...she's a druggie and smokes cigs and drinks. I'm not into that at all. I don't associate with people like that, but she's so SWEET and good to me. I can't help but like her. I saw her for he first time yesterday after like 6 months and she literally CLUNG to me...for legit 3 minutes. Wouldn't let go. I mean....damn...really?

Subject #3 (THE EX!!!!) Sher. Urg. She still likes me but she's "not in love with me anymore" but I can tell she still...she's still holding on. Omg..the way she dresses. She's so beautiful. I have NO emotional connections to her though, so my conscience won't allow me to even touch her. Besides, it so wouldn't be right with DG in the picture.

Subject #4 the dreaded Closet Case! Here's a synopsis. Her last name is Churchman. Yea, do you see the problem yet? I mean, she's not as religious as her family, but still. She had a boyfriend until a few weeks ago but the whole time...they weren't a couple. I mean, he liked her and she "liked" him but they never seemed close. She just obviously didn't have an emotional connection with him. And sometimes I'll be walking in the hallway and we'll notice each other. I smile and wave and she goes all blushy and sort of smiles and gives a little wave. But the way she looks at me...girls don't act like that unless they like you! I would know! I've given that look! haha Sooo...not touching that with a ten foot pole. I did the closet case thing already.

Sooooooo....I've got a gf thousands of miles away and then like 4 girls literally THROWING themselves at me. WTFFFFF???????
And all I can think is..."DG...."