I'm so friggin busy, yet I procastinate soooo much :-\

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UPDATE: you get to learn Cales and Te's real names!!! look to my journal on 10/16!!! (the names are totally different b/c we have a huge secret code thing they started waaaayyy back in 5th grade, I'm Wesley... i think XD.. )

I have a project to finish, but I kinda don't wanna :-\

I decided to try recording using my super-dooper audio recorder today. Worked pretty well.

I have a sort of dilemma with a few friends... I have one friend, we'll call her Cales, and another we'll call Te. They're both girls, they're both best friends, and they're both bat-shit crazy. The problem is that I love that XD. It's not really that I'm crushing on them (well I sorta am, but that's beside my point), but that it's both. It's not really a crush, it's more of a "they're really cute, and I get along great with them, and they're fun, and I haven't dated someone for a few months now, so I'm in withdrawal from not having someone to cuddle with and all that Jazz." That's really the only problem, is that my withdrawal from someone, along with the fact that Ace is really the only other friend I have/trust atm, is kinda driving me nuts! Any tips?

I'm gonna go take pictures in the dark XD


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Heyyy, I'm int eh same boat

Heyyy, I'm int eh same boat with procrastination. I could be done by now, but my mind refuses to work for me.

We can procrastinate togetherr! :D

"Assets, what are our assets?"

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

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I do the same thing.

the more work, the more procrastination.