it's been a long Tuesday

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I'm starting to see a pattern that Tuesdays are just not my days. I got up early this morning to go to my Darkroom Photography class, which I missed last week because of the crazy flooding and my car trouble. So I left in time and got Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. I had to rely on my paper directions from google maps, which suck. So after I dealt with really thick traffic my directions proceeded to get me completely lost. I finally parked in a shopping center and fiddled with my GPS until it worked correctly, thank God, then I finally got to class, about 45 minutes late.

In class today we learned how to put the film on the reel and etc. in the dark, then how to measure the chemicals and the steps to develop the film properly. My film got accidentally partially exposed to the light. But a few in the middle of the roll survived, so I have something to work with next week when we do the prints. I'm learning to not get too attached to my film pictures, at least not until I get a better hang of things, considering how I seem to be prone to film mishaps. I'm just so unlucky this month.

After class I drove home, without the GPS, because it acted up AGAIN and then started beeping because the battery was low. So I used the print out Map I had to give me a general idea. It was ridiculously easy to get home, compared to how difficult it was for me to find the art center. I'm still confused as to how to get there. I mean, WTH?! I expect directions to be fairly accurate, not to get me utterly lost and start subconsciously freaking out wondering how on earth I'm going to get home from an area I'm unfamiliar with when my GPS isn't operating properly!...Whew. Just needed to rant. But I'm leaving much earlier next week so when I inevitably get confused again, I have enough time to figure it out and be on time. I remember a little better now how to get there. The trick is visually recalling the landscape and keeping specific street names in mind, then I can kind of wing it. =)

Oh yeah and my mom mentioned something to me about my dad around 30 minutes ago which is really pissing me off. Apparently they were talking the other day and my dad said something about how he's heard me talk several times to my older sister and the family in general about all the things I want to do and places I want to travel, things I want to do in my 'gap year', during college, and after college. So then he said if he heard or heard of me talking about it one more time then he was going to lose his temper, because he couldn't afford it. It makes me so angry. Did he ever hear me say I expected him to pay for it all? NO! Did he ever even hear me ask for him to pay for it all? NO! I never expected my parents to pay for it all. I'm completely willing and capable of getting a job and saving up for it myself. He is a supreme a-hole for thinking that I was going to behave like a spoiled bratt. He has no idea just how aware I am about about our financial situation at any given time. I worry about it a lot sometimes.

My dad teaches part time at a college and my parents run his small law business/practice from home, so how much money my family has varies from year to year, and the last few years it's been tighter and tighter. Arrgh! I could write pages upon pages with all I have to say about my dad. I love him and I think he's a good person deep down, but he can be such a two-faced stubborn hypocrite. Really people have no idea. I'm not exagerrating, no one really knows him as well as they think they do. I've only ever met one person who truly understood as much as they could without being biologically a part of our family, and that's my brother-in-law. I think the only way anyone can ever really understand the situation is if they are a part of my family or if they are in a very, very similar situation with a parent.

Okay I'm going to stop ranting now and go try and salvage my Tuesday night. Sorry for getting so worked up guys, but really Tuesday is just not my day.


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Dunkin Donuts is keeping Tim

Dunkin Donuts is keeping Tim Hortons out of the states! (just a random fact) So it's somewhat true that girls are bad with directions cuz I never seem to know where North is =D My parents also forbided me from staying another year for financial reasons, but I guess their worrying could be justified since it's really hard to get a job right now, isn't it? Anyways, have a good Tuesday night!

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