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I had a panic attack last thursday. It sucked really bad. At least I was able to get to the nurse right away and start to control it. The major problem was that it wasn't provoked by anything that I can think of >:o

I talked to my psychiatrist yesterday b/c we had an appointment, and I found out that there's multiple factors in it. One of my meds, along with coffee that I pretty much now drink every morning to stay awake in school, may have caused it. If it happens again, I definitely know that was it. The massive tiredness might be because of how we lowered the dose of another med... So now I'm back on the normal dose of that, and if it happens again while I drink coffee, then I know that the caffeine caused it.

Oh yeah! He also said that the anxiety attack may have been caused by my total lack of sleep, but last night I went to bed at 9:30, opposed to 10:30, and I was MAADDDD tired today. So that sooo did not work.

I'm gonna go watch Psych again, and create the musical component of my new song =.D