NCIS, recording stuffs, and GUITARS!!!

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So watching NCIS today I found out that the female director DIES in the most recent season!!! I was like, "WTF did they do that for?!?" Especially now that the black guy is in charge b/c he took all of Gibbs' team away, so it's like, "WTF are you gonna do to make it NOT suck?" They're already ruining the series by making an NCIS: Los Angeles...

In other news... we had to re-record the guitar for electronic music... now THAT was stressful. But, whatever, at least it's done now, for the most part.

I got my dad's guitar to my house today, and I guess he re-strung it and tuned it and all b/c when I took it out and just strummed it once, it sounded like heaven!!!!!!!
His guitar is AWESOME. Even tho it's the cheaper Korea type, it's still awesome.

So things are going pretty good, for now.

... that is all...