Oblivion is fun =D... and my current school status...

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For those of you who know it, Oblivion is an awesome game. I've spent all last night and pretty much all this evening playing it XD. If you like RPG style games and such with magic in it among other things, then it's for you :D

**Oblivion talk, skip if you don't understand...**
I had a problem with my previous character and magic. He was level 21, his intelligence was jacked thru the roof, but he only had like 114 magika... doesn't help that he was argonian XD. I now have a new character thanks to who seems to be my only trustworthy friend and even tho he's only lv. 3 or 4, he already has more than double the magika the previous one had.
**End Oblivion talk...**
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So as I said in the geek talk, I have a new character thanks to who seems to be my only trustworthy friend. He's really the only reason I'm still "Legally" considered sane XD.

I thought that the start of school was going to be hell, being that someone here told someone I know about my oasis account, who in turn ended up telling a bunch more people *couchBITCHcough* . That's why I changed my account name, after deleting all my info and previous journals. But instead nobody brought it up, I don't even know who/how many even 'supposedly' know about it... GAH!

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So I'm gonna go play more Oblivion and kill some necromancers and mud crabs. I'll talk to you peeps later! ;D


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Ahhh....The Elder Scrolls

Oblivion is awesome!!! I have it for my Xbox 360 and I just beat it this summer. Now I'm playing The Shivering Isles expansion. My girls only at level 18, though. I can't wait till they come out with the 5th Elder Scrolls :)

What do you play it on?

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I has a 360 as well. And the

I has a 360 as well. And the only reason I didn't get either the expansion nor the Game-of-the-Year edition is b/c I like to copy stuff and sell/use it XD
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Okay, I got ya. Have you played Fallout 3 by any chance?

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So is SUPA Calc...

Kind of like super calc?? Lol...
<3 FLAME ON! <3