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So my pops and I went into town today to buy me some skis:

They're Volkl Bridges. I got bindings, polls, boots and obviously the skis for about 800. And naturally of course, I'm f'ing pumped to ride these bitches.

So yea, anyway, it's been... four months since I really had a post on here? Needles to say, A LOT has happened. I worked this summer as a lifeguard, and well, I hated it. Most people would think it would be a cool and cushy job, but really, it isn't. I hate hate HATE having to tell adults that they can't dive into four foot pools. Ugh, then having to deal with fecals, that's just DISGUSTING. I almost dropped my iPhone into a pool with fecal matter in it O=

Oh, during about the same time, I had a boyfriend - Andy. He and I had the BEST relationship ever. He's really cute and sweet and romantic. But well... He lives about 80 miles away, which translates to an hour and forty in driving. I didn't mind it in the summer at all, because I only had work going on really, and because I really liked him. Then school rolled around for him (He goes to a quasi-private school, so he starts earlier than me), and he realized that he couldn't carry on a relationship and do school at the same time. So he broke up with me =\

There's been a lot, A LOT, of crying these past two weeks. Then I started school last week, and well, I've realized that I feel the same as he does. School really does take up a lot of my time, especially with two AP classes, extra-curricular chorus, a musical, National Honor Society, Scholar's Bowl, Helping-Hands (Community service group), Youth Group, and LOADS of community service projects on top of that (like a relief-trip to Texas that I'm organizing).

But UGH! I wish we could be together, because I want to do cute couple-type things. Like apple picking! And cuddling by the fire! And skiing! And snow-showing! And nordic-skiing! And going to Quebec City/Place Royal! And going to Montreal!

Yea, anyway, I need to go get ready, because I'm going over to my best friend's house.

Au revoir!


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Enjoy the ski's, and NO BREAKING ANY LEGS OR ANY THING LIKE THAT!!!!! Have fun.

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