Oscar Wilde Cover-up in my Classics Textbook

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So I'm in ninth grade, and at my school, if you're in Honors English, you can choose between Humanities and Classics. Well, I'm taking Classics, and I was reading the author bios in the front of the plays in our "Theatre and Drama" textbook, and I was reading Oscar Wilde's, when I noticed something was horrible wrong. They said his career was cut short by his being jailed for "immorality," but they didn't even mention what the "immorality" was. And nothing about Tennessee William's gayness either! They're bothe important (in my mind) to getting the stuff of their plays/// it just pissed me off. True, there wasn't a whole lot of space, but Tennessee William? Uber-importzant.
I feel like such a nerd, but I needed to rant to someone that would get Oscar Wilde.