Parents and me being trans!

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My mom and stepdad are being SO great about it!!!!!!!!!!
They refer to me as Trey, use male pronouns, and talk about me saying I'm their "son."
And if they make a mistake they apologize profusely.
I'm sosososososososooooooo happy.

Dad and Stepmom, on the other hand...notsomuch.
Try to understand, but it's not really working out.
It's so weird making the transition from home to home, now. It never was until now. I'm a guy all the time, in my perception, but it's like one house I'm totally accepted and respected and the other one not really.
I still have to wear girl clothes on the Jewish holidays and shit.

Apparently my dad has been talking to gender therapists, researching transgender, and talking to alot of experts. I guess he really is trying to understand. And he told me he's willing to work with me. I suppose my stepmom is, too.
I hope this gets sorted out least they're on a good track :)
My Jewish youth group had the absolute nerve to e-mail me.
Saying I can't wear boy clothes on the Jewish holidays there anymore.
Not allowed to hold hands and shit with girls.
Not allowed to say "I love you" or "you're hot!" out loud...
I used to, but now, WTF.
I'm fucking pissed about it,

I gotta go
update this later.


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you're fucking kidding about

you're fucking kidding about the youth group thing!

If you did it before, you should be allowed to now, nothing's changed.

good luck with the dad and the stepmom. =/

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Psh, I wish it was a joke...

I wish. :/

Yeah! I know, right? It's a respect issue, like "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." I suppose.

Thanks, honestly I'm gonna need it. I feel like that all may take a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile.

**love isn't technical.**

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Wow. On one count Im really

Wow. On one count Im really pleased (about the accepting people) on the other Im not. (about the unaccepting people) so yay! one point and
:( one point

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Can't win 'em all, I guess.

**love isn't technical.**

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It's really awesome that

It's really awesome that your mum and stepdad are like that... but everybody else doesn't sound so fun. :/

"Assets, what are our assets?"

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

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I'm SO proud of them :D
I love it.

As for the youth group thing, my best friend && I are gonna stage a protest.
See how many girls we can get to wear suits, or at least a boy shirt and tie. And maybe get some guys to wear a skirt.
Show the people that they can't just dehumanize a fellow human being like that.
When in Rome, fuck that shit and stay true to you.

**love isn't technical.**