Random Rambling Time

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I'm still wrestling with the fact that my best friend is a guy.

And in restrospect, my best friends has always been guys, which saddens me a little come to think of it. No I don't like to hang out with guys all the time and certainly won't try pretending to be one of them. In fact, I try very hard to draw distinctions between us. My preference in social groups has never been guys, since I'm really not attracted to them. And the strong male-egotism bothers me a lot. I mean A LOT. I just can't stand it when guys are cocky! Well, you could say that that's an indication of how self-conceit I am. Or at least that's what my mom tells me.

But on the other hand, I always had difficulties relating or talking to most girls that I hang out with (not on Oasis luckily). They ususally appear to me as either too irrational or emotional. It's hard for me to reconcile with their line of thinking because some of them don't make sense. I know I'm sounding very judgemental... but whatever. Some girls can really piss me off.

In other news, I was reading a discussion on a forum (this sounds so credible, I know :P) regarding the "science" of homosexuality and whether it can in fact be changed as some have strongly claimed. And I was quite pleased to hear, rather read this from a guy majoring in neuroscience and psychology:

"The existence of critical periods during neural development is a well established finding, as is the fact that some traits are very firmly established and show virtually no plasticity over time past specific developmental critical periods. Also, things like sexual orientation that involve a staggering amount of neural circuitry across many brain structures is likely to show very limited plasticity (unless part of the developmental trazectory). The more complex the wiring is for a given thing, the less plasticity will effect it over time. This has been demonstrated over and over. "

Then he concluded to say that he has NEVER come across any good research that indicates that any form of "therapy" can alter sexual orientation. Of the few studies addressing orientation "therapy", none of them have indicated any sort of "success".

Oh and school is starting soon so I'll be on here less and less. But I think I'll have an extremely hard time leaving here since everyone is just so wonderful and nice and *insert all the nice words here* =)

So that's it for today. Cheers!