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So I went to bed at 12pm last night, laid there, trying hard to sleep, only to find that I can't.

Thoughts of everything and nothing ran rampant in my head. This, that, here, there. Uncontrollably. It drove me crazy! Oh and did I mention the excruiciating heat?

Damn, I hate insomnia...

After god-knows-how-long, the drowsiness finally hit and it's another day. Great!

School has been better than I thought. It's just great to see... Hm... Everyone! I don't know if girls usually turn prettier, more like sexier over the break, but my ex-crush sure did. I still can't believe she went out with that jackass, but they broke up though, which means.... No I'm not even gonna go there.

Finally I get to be a senior this year! Muhahaa XD Poor juniors...


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i know

I know what you mean, I hate insomnia too. But if it's too hot, I absolutely cannot sleep. I'm glad your first day went well. Yay! A fellow senior!