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I got hit by a car yesterday. My bike is totalled, and I spent most of yesterday in the hospital. The cop was an asshole and so was the guy who hit me. Here, since I'm missing school and I have the time I'm able to actually explain what happened. Well, I'm riding the bike home, and this jackass pulls out onto the sidewalk, getting ready to turn right. So I go to pull around his dumbass since he's just not paying attention to what the hell he's doing.

And go figure, since he's turning right, all he has to do is look to the left and make sure on one's coming so he can turn without getting hit, so he doesn't bother to make sure no one's walking or riding their bike in front of him.

And so I'm already partially in front of him when he pulls out.

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I see his van, then the sky. And I'm screaming 'Ah, ouch you son of a bitch!' at him, sprawled out with my bike squishing me. And I look over, and see my hand, and his tires, and he's still moving, and as his tire rolls past my arm I realize that my hand hurts really bad and I'm panicking because I don't know if it hurts or if he just ran it over. Finally he stops and gets out of the car and runs over to me saying something, and he helps me up. I can't see right, but I do see his hands, he's looking at my hands and I have no clue why.

And then I realize what happens and I see this lady run over and she's chattering, asking me if I'm okay and such, and then I realize, I've just been hit by a car.

I stand up and see my bike wedged under the tire of his car and I start panicing and crying and I call Daniel, my stepdad, and when I get off the phone with him I see cop cars and an ambulance and a fire truck and I get frustrated and all these people won't leave me alone. And then the paramedics want me to follow them and help me into the ambulance and they're checking me ou, and I'm scraped up and my right hand is hurting so bad...

And so finally Dan gets there, and then my mom gets there and she's hysterical.

And then the police want me to fill out a report and I'm trying to but I can barely hold the pen and then the cop wants to go look at the van.

So I go over and I'm listening and the cops looking at the van and says that I had to have hit HIM when there's tread marks from my bike tire on the FRONT of his van and the guy in the van's being a complete asshole.

My bike wouldn't have been UNDER HIS TIRES if I had hit the side of his fucking van.

And so the gut doesn't end up getting a citation or anything. He gets to walk free and I have to go to the hospital.

So I spend three and a half hours in the hospital in a neck brace and they're doing Xrays and exams and a CT scan.

Nothing's broken but my left hand is fucked up beyond use and my neck hurts so bad to move it. They prescribed me hydrocodone and I missed school today because I was so tired and in pain.

And the guy's being an asshole about the whole thing, saying I hit him and all this bullshit and we're going to have to go to court over it. It sucks. I can't believe this. He could have fucking killed me and he's acting like this?!

I'm so pissed, and I'm so stressed and I hurt so much...


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there's a general hatred

there's a general hatred towards cyclists in general by motorists. not that i'm in anyway saying that what happened is your fault, he's clearly in the wrong for HITTING YOU. but i mean, as someone who's had to deal with cyclists who clearly have no brains, there's a generalization towards anyone who rides a bike. that being said, you hitting him is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.

so for those of you falling in love
keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right
throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata

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it was idiotic.

And the cop's explaination for the damage done to my bike that couldn't have possibly happened by me just running into him was 'well maybe you were just going to fast'

One, there's no speed limit on the fucking sidewalk.
Two, I can't have gotten from the intersection to where I got hit fast enough for him to have not seen me unless he just didn't look.
Three, I was going UPHILL.



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woah that sucks. I'm so

woah that sucks. I'm so sorry. I hope you get better soon. The whole situation is fucked up though. Hopefully you'll get a judge with some common sense. People don't want to have the responsibility of the crash on them since their insurance will go up, among other things. When I got rear ended at a red light the guy said we reversed into him.

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ouch. I'm sorry, that really sucks. I can actually believe his ridiculous behavior though, just because in my week and a half of driving I've noticed that 95% of the driving population are inconsiderate aholes. I can't believe that cop was so stupid, I mean aren't they supposed to have common sense? I had a friend who's brother got hit by a car while biking a few years back. The woman was talking on her cell phone and didn't see him. And then she heard the noise and backed up to see what she hit, and she proceeded to hit ANOTHER cyclist behind her. I'm honestly astounded by the sheer idiocy of people who drive. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon and that the whole court thing works out.