So I passed the test!

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I passed my driving Road Test today! I finally have my license. =)

I'm happy, but it feels like it's kind of been an anti-climactic experience, just a little bit. I have to keep reminding myself that I can go out whenever I want by myself. I mean I have to tell my parents I'm going out, but I don't want to start this off on the wrong foot. I don't want to set a bad precedent by asking for 'permission' all the time to go somewhere. I mean my parents are used to that kind of control I guess, but I'm more than 17 and a half years old. I'll be out of the house in less than one year one way or another. I'll either be in college, or doing an internship or volunteering and studying abroad, that's if I was to take a gap semester or year or if I was offered spring admission, etc.

I just know I'm getting out of here one way or another, I am beyond ready to move forward and to be legally allowed to live my own life as a young adult.

Anyone else feel anything like this? Like you're ready to actually be treated like a citizen?

Well now that I passed the driving test, I just have to conquer the interstate. It terrifies me, but I'm determined because then that means I can go to midtown and more importantly downtown. Downtown to me means...chances, resources, opportunities, meeting people, and just...civilization. It means museums, art events, bigger and better-stocked libraries, volunteering, GLBT bookstore, and the queer youth center. I know I must sound weird, but that's what it means to me.

I just really don't like living in the suburbs, it makes me feel so cut off from everything. It's like living inside a bullet-proof/shatter-proof/reality resistant glass bubble which previously had no escape route in sight. My car is my escape hatch, and now my license is my escape route. I'm rambling and exagarating I know, but I'm done now, lol. I'm forcing my mind to slowly back away from the keyboard before I get caught up again and resume rambling. =)


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on passing your road test! You are treated like a citizen whatsoever LOL Being an adult comes the responsibility, hm... I'll have to think about it...

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Thanks! But I'm already very responsible. And I want it, because in a way, in my case, responsibility kind of equals freedom.

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Heyy, congrats! that's

Heyy, congrats! that's awesome! ^^

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Thank you! =) I know, it's deffinitely awesome!

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Thank you! =) I know, it's deffinitely awesome!

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Way to go!
I'm jealous.
I don't get my temps til January... Lol.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Kudos! New licences are so

Kudos! New licences are so nice.

I would start by asking them permission for big stuff and just telling them for small stuff. Say, you're going out a little late or you're taking a road they consider difficult- ask for their permission. You're going to pick up a friend and drive to the theatre that's close to your home- just tell them 'Im gonna go get A and watch a film'. After a while just start reducing the number of permissions and increase the amount of times and cases where you just tell them you're leaving. It works magically, in a month or two you'll be practically free.

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Congrats! Enjoy driving

Congrats! Enjoy driving while you can. I didn't bring a car to college, and I find myself thinking it would be so much more convenient to do stuff around town, especially on weekends, if I had one.
And I agree with 5thstory on the asking permission/stating intention thing. Most parents just want to know where you are so they know you're safe rather than hinder you from doing what you want.

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Congrats! Having a license

Congrats! Having a license is awesome. Didn't they take you on the highway during driver's ed? My teacher took me to the most intimidating places like DC in rush hour going around giant round-a-bouts, through this sketchy hill/cliff road, highways, etc. It gets easier though. I suggest staying in the local lanes the first time. I remember the first time I got to drive with no one else in the car. I was going to the grocery store (exciting I know) and I was sitting in the car for a few minutes gaining my composure. Then my neighbor pops up out of nowhere and starts talking to me (I had the window rolled down). It scared me soo bad I could barely pull out of the driveway lol.