someome tell meEDIT

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why is it that people giggle when talking to you on the phone? or is it just me? seriously...everytime i talk to this one girl on the phone she giggles..or sounds breathless...or something inbetween...or am i just beingreally paranoid? gah...

my feelings seem to be escalating for the one mentioned above...

totally bummed because we were supposed to go running together tomorrow but she cant...

on the bright side we were at the football game last night and...well, that about it...we lost(as always) 11-27...sad? i think so...considering we were so close and gave up...i was totally bored...why i go to the football games?

reasons: socialize
pep squad
it's better than being stuck at home

and last thing...why is it that we always fall for stright people? where are all the gays?!

btw i'm eating corncake in milk because i'm bomb like that!

forgot to say something else...i asked/pleaded my current crush to join choir...she did! yays...and best part...she's alto and sits right in front of me!