this is the first of many journals to come

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because long journals are fun but hazardous to the eyes...

i think rugs and welcome mats are out to get me...i trip constantly on them...and on my friend door mat...i darn well nearly sprained my ankle!

haha....but seriously...and i keep *daydreaming* about the fact that this cute freshman will join this site and be all "curious about what i am" thing and ...i dont know....>< she's adorable...and she squeaks when you poke her! >///< so fucking cute...

and there's this new girl, sophomore, i met her at the elementary new family orientation thing and i was switched to her gym period where we never do anything but sit around and get our butts numb for the first two days....i was listening to my music and she wanted to listen too...when she sat she was really really close to touching and pressed up against...we were sitting there and i was sewing up a bracelet for someone and pretending not to notice the physical contact going on there....very difficult...
and before that some junior or senior came up to me and asked me about my rainbow GAY wrist cuff...he like...what does it mean? i thought he was stupid or something...not knowing what gay was...but it turns out he meant if i was gay or supported it...then he asked if it was both...OF COURSE IT BOTH YOU STUPID! if you're gay and dont support gays...that's just fucking sad....yeah.... on to the next journal!


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Of course, every time you post consecutive journals, you push other users off the front page and "Recent journal entries" listings. Something to consider.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis