This summer...

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I had a really good summer this year. Probably the most enjoyable and least stressful in a very long time.

I got to watch a ton of movies thanks to the library. The last really good one being Being John Malkovich. It was sooooo good. A little over hyped but still really good cause it was so weird. Plus the two women falling in love certainly didn't hurt ;) Even if the one woman was a total bitch throughout most of the movie. lol.

Video Games I finally finished:
The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (+ Started Shivering Isles expansion)
Mass Effect
Fable II (x2 played as good and then as bad :P)
and D let me borrow Assassins Creed and I was enjoying it until it got stuck :(

I watched the first 3 seasons of Charmed. Plus some of the 4th. That show was so good. I think the 2nd season was my favourite.

I also got out of the house a ton. I love having a bus pass and being able to go anywhere in the city. It's much better than having to ask my dad to drive me. My mom was off of work the past 2 weeks so pretty much everyday we went somewhere different. Different malls, stores, libraries, ect. Explored our new home city. She and my dad are apparently going on this tour of the city that is happening in a few weeks. She asked me if I want to go. I'm not sure. But I like that we're all getting out and doing things. We never used to in the city we used to live in.

I watched a really good season of Big Brother. And watched a pretty lame Big Brother esque show called There Goes The Neighborhood. But it had a lesbian couple in it so that made it interesting.

I started reading the graphic novel V For Vendetta.

There are things missing but you get the gist of it. I had a good summer. A very good summer. I hope everybody else had a good summer and good luck with school or work or whatever else you may be doing this year :)


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Assassin's Creed!

I love how you can sneak up behind someone and take them out with the wrist swords. Love those things!
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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It's so much fun! My favourite thing is that it's such a free roaming game. You can just run up walls and then just run and jump across the roofs of the buildings. There's just something really free and cool about that.