Two movies, two days.

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Today I saw District 9, it was cool, I nearly cried a couple times, the Cg was fuckin' HOT. And the ending was the awesome/adorablement.

Yesterday I watched Milk with A. I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I cried again, I cried a third time.

So to summarise, milk is the BEST MOVIE I"VE EVER SEEN.

I probably won't see a better one, hell I don't want too, just thinking about it makes me cry a little, also, I think it made me come 33% more out of my shell in general instead of just around A, normally I can only be my super femmy self around A, but that movie made it so much easier to be me.

I loved that movie.

*Note* I want sex.

*Note 2*
Hugs for FalconWright nao?

*note 3*

District 9 was filmed in district 6 in Joburg, where they used to force the african people to stay in apartheid. (My Mom who saw it with me/A pointed that out, she was born in Joburg, and has seen district 6, it doesn't seem like a place one would forget either.)

*note OVER 9000*

I love you oasis, even if I'm too lazy and borin' to write here much.


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And I second the motion that Milk is the best movie ever.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Carmen just got 9,000,000

Carmen just got 9,000,000 points for loving Milk! WOOH!

Ty M. Berium ; The Sacred Green Crystal

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district 9 was frickin'

district 9 was frickin' awesome, i agree.
and did you know they evacuated distric 6 a day before to film the movie, and it was nearly as chaotic as the evacuation in district 9?

..oh, anndd. *HUUUGG*

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Hugs over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs over 9000* also, I like crumpets.

Ty M. Berium ; The Sacred Green Crystal

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*big hug* Falcon u never

*big hug* Falcon u never reply to my msges :( but im glad u had a good time!