where to begin...

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I guess I should start with the fact that my older sister finally got married this past Sunday. =) Between last Wednesday through Tuesday, so much has happened, it wasn't even a complete week, yet it was probably the longest week of my life. Let's see, I was sleep deprived, had fun, had a sip of my sister's mimosa, then had a few sips of plane champagne (uugghh!), was maid of honor, made friends with some of my sister's friends, made it through the gorgeous wedding that I enjoyed immensely, had a slight dancing wipeout that was caught on the wedding video and probably looks pretty comical, played pool at a sports bar, had a slight sudden case of identity crises and felt severely lonely, had two sobbing meltdowns in the shower (one day after the other), had car battery trouble, then same day had minor hydroplane car incident and screwed up tire, then suffered through my mom's major meltdown freak-out about car repair prices $, and then felt immensley grateful when my new and awesome brother-in-law saved the day by buying the car part for cheap online and telling us where we could get it installed for cheap. And between last night and tonight I have spent over 6 hours grading final exams for my dad's business classes, which is even more tedious and drawn out than it sounds. Also I'm 95% sure I want to take a gap year before college.

Oh yeah, and then I finally remembered how to breathe.

But seriously, I have more details to update, this was just the summary, bare bones version. I'll write more this weekend. But I will say I'm glad the Amazon-like rains have finally vacated the south, (GA really) and that's really saying something because I love the rain.


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Whoa. I felt like I needed

Whoa. I felt like I needed to breathe after just reading that lol. Glad you had fun at the wedding and congrats to the sis. Sounds like you've really been living life! and no more shower sobbing episodes! :)

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yes please breathe. My mentally forgetting how to breathe is more than enough without you following suit. Yeah I really have been 'living life' this past week. I feel like I 'lived' more in the last week than I have in general in a long time. Don't worry, the shower sobbing episodes are not a regular occurrence, just happens when things get too hard, I don't really have a person in my life I can just honestly talk to about anything, so that's what happens sometimes. But not a lot.