WooHoo MUSIC!!!

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If I haven't already said it here (don't think I have :-\...) I'm in electronic music class at my school. That basically means I basically get to compose and record my own music! XD
Well, since I wrote most of the lyrics for our 1st song, it seems I'm also the engineer for it too (guy who does all the computer stuffs). We finally finished recording the guitar part, and we're ready for bass and vocals soon, like Mon.-Wed.!

OH!!!! I remember the make of my dad's guitar! It's a Novation an Ovation. Is that good?

I'm gonna go listen to Weezer, Metric, and the marching band composition of Nightmare Before Christmas. Speaking of, I think I'm gonna go make a poll...


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Ovation, you mean?

A lot of bands like them, usually for electric acoustics, have the signature rounded backs, etc. Crowded House and Melissa Etheridge both use them, I know.

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I guess so, we were kinda on

I guess so, we were kinda on the phone when he told me the other day. That's probably why when I told my music teacher it started with an N, he couldn't think of a brand XD
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