yeah, I'm alive hehehe

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Been through idk hard times these past few months,but now hopefully, things will get back on track soon.........I did a roadtrip a few weeks from CA to IL(aka my new state) and now have officially made Rockford my new home w/moving into the lower level of a big house.......I have done some walking around my new neighborhood and to the grocery store(and to McD's/Walgreens which is luckily 3 blocks away), and it seems ok,but I have yet to try any of the local foods(Beefaroo, Hemme's Top Dog,Steak n Shake and Culvers..).. I like driving around my town, it's nice to do that and see trees all around everytime......might get a bike soon....gonna check out some of the various parks also soon(some are by the big nice river/lakes)...... I already have a friend here (which I made through myspace), and hopefully I'll find out some food/fun things to do from her later.... still have some fixing up to do w/the new place/getting me a TV instead of sharing my Mom's (but w/ Comcast, you can tape and watch something else so that helps w/watching both of our shows hehe)..


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Culvers is awesome. I don't

Culvers is awesome. I don't have one near me, but I could go when I was away at school. The custard is yummm. :) Good luck in your new town!

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Ok, thanks for the

Ok, thanks for the suggestion/recommendation...

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it's taking over the states! :(

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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True but I think in a good

True but I think in a good way....

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Ehh... the only good thing

Ehh... the only good thing at culvers is the custard and sundae thingers. Otherwise it's all grease. =/

Congrats on the move, though. =]

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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Well, their cheeseburgers

Well, their cheeseburgers look good but dk if I like the crinkle fries..think I'll try Beefaroo/ the other places I mentioned 1st before seeing about Culver's...and btw I like junk food long as it's not too greasy....I really want to try deep dish pizza Chicago style(and have no doubt there's places here like that)...