yes indeed

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I LOVE LES MISRABLES WITH ALL MY GAY LITTLE SOUL! it is an ammazing musical. furthermore, my english teacher is a bicthface. because apperantley glasses, unlees perscription, are piontless, and not allowed to be worn in the school. *rools eyes*
the treat us like we should all be perfect littl adventist children, even though like 30% of the class isnt adventist.
i mean just just a week ago, a kid got expelled for not doing his work in bible calss. he wouldnt do it because it interfered with his personal beliefs(he was from a differnt denomination)so the fucking expelled him,
then, if we ever try to ask the teacehrs why the rules are the way they are, they fucking blow you off.
i mean just today, i asked my teacher why we couldnt where hats, and hes just like"i dont want to have this conversation right now. grrrrrr it frustrates me.


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Wait... GLASSES aren't

Wait... GLASSES aren't supposed to be worn during school? What? Holy shit, and I thought my school was bad! Wow.

We can't wear hats in my school, either, apparently because they're "distracting." I never understood the rule about people looking "distracting." Does that mean all the hot people should be expelled? 'Cause I spent an awful lot of time last year being distracted by my friend's hotness...

Seriously, though, what the hell?

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People don't wear hats

People don't wear hats because it's a folkway. There's not really any moral significance behind the rule anymore, but it's tradition. Classically, when men walked into a building, they discarded their hats. I personally dislike it, immensely, when people wear their hats indoors. I can stand it, but if they sit down and start to eat a meal, I like, flip out on people that wear their hats.