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So, what do you do if you get really nervous around people? You know, like, girls you kinda like? I'm finding it kind of hard to concentrate in class because I'm so in my head all the time. I'm constantly thinking about things and then this girl enters the room, and this is a bad crush one I shouldn't have but can't help it, and I get all stuck and thinking this is bad, stop thinking about her! And of course I don't think liking girls is a bad thing....just liking a woman who happens to be a teacher is. Or well, she's really more of a helper sort of thing. Errr.....I hate this "liking" thing I've got going on. I honestly wish it would fade and move on because I feel extremely awkward around her now. I feel like she can see right through me or something. lol, this is so stupid.

She was a helper in Computers last year and I knew something with me was sorta going on because I was a little awkward around her then but I only saw her once a week then. Now I see her almost every day. And plus I had a dream about her last weekend where we were flirting.

It's funny to look back to when I was younger cause I know girls used to say they felt awkward or nervous around guys. And I never got that, I was never nervous around guys, they were just my friends but now I get it. I'm just UBER nervous around girls. And it

So, any advice on what to do to be less nervous/awkward/weird?

Oh, and my other crush, the one from last year, Maria, she's not around much. I guess she's working a lot and doesn't have time for class. I did talk to her, in class, a couple of weeks ago though and helped her. She smiled and thanked me. I preceded to melt. :D


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lol. :) oh so familiar my freshman year. this really pretty senior, talked to me and i bout exploded. i had to concentrate real hard to keep from saying something retarded or stuttering. but when i look back on that im like....if i had just been myself and confident im sure she would have loved me. but just try to calm. like...think of her as another person.

Life is easily complicated.

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This is SO late, sorry

But thank you for the advice! I always try to get my mind to think of something else when I'm around her, but then it just makes me more awkward. lol. I think I'm helpless.

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oh how well do i know

the goddess of our school needed help in math and of course who does the office call but the only tutor who doesnt have a life.. muah. so then we meet up and im a complete goober.. just act like yourself and let it flow.. once you get comfortable around her it will just come natural!

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