An interesting proposition. Shall I put down my pride and accept?

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I have been having an ongoing conversation with a classmate, who is trying to convince me of the logicality of Islam (Which is pronounced Iss-lamb, apparently). She assures me that the religion makes more sense than Christianity (The religion that has burned me so), and that I would be welcomed to the religion. She has offered to bring Muslim Apologetics for me to read, and I think I will.

Shall I finally set down my long lasting grudge against God and worship once more? Have I found a god I can worship now? And will I find that I, the homosexual that I am, will not be accepted by the people?

I hope that the answer to those questions will not be the same as they were before.


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Before Committing...

...and if you wish to belong to a cohesive group, don't fail to look at what Buddhism has to offer. Btw, I am not Buddhist --- but there is much to admire about their philosophies.

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There is already an inherent contradiction in logic, you said "Islam makes more sense than Christianity", but firstly, religion is supposed to be based on faith and not on empirical evidence anyway, and secondly if you're seeking what makes the most sense, isn't that atheism or agnosticism already?

Ask yourself why you want to believe. I don't think religion is supposed to be about "making more sense than the other".

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Fully Agree...

...but my cajones were drained (metaphorically).

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If I were you I'd definitely

If I were you I'd definitely research the religion first. I've been studying it for that past month in my AP World class and it's a pretty harsh religion. They can commit hate crimes through the roof and say Allah told them to do it and think it's okay. Not only that but you'd be throwing yourself into some major civil wars between the Sunni's and Shia's. Not to good for business. Islam is also based off of the Christian and Hebrew religion. All three of them are branches of religion and all three are connected by Abraham. So more welcoming than Christianity.... not too sure about that one.

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Oh! And Buddhism is definitely the open religion. I live by Buddhist values and I have a shit load of books on it. It's all about acceptance and looking past physical traits/ personality traits.

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Islam isn't traditionally

Islam isn't traditionally very accepting of homosexuality in general, but like all religions, it is open to interpretation. That being said, religion in general isn't very forgiving when it comes to those that stray from the norm.

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I am agree with you. Thanks!

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I know someone said agnosticism/atheism makes more sense than religion, which may be true (I'm more agnostic than anything else myself at the moment), but I'll point out that sometimes in these situations, you might choose to believe something because it makes sense in your head, even if it doesn't make strict factual sense.

That said, I wouldn't convert to Islam just on the advice of your friend. :-) Do some research of your own first, read what she brings in for you, maybe explore their community a little bit. If it feels right to you, go for it. If not, you haven't lost anything.

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If you feel you need to

If you feel you need to believe in something, why do you have to follow an organized religion? Believe what YOU feel is right in your heart. Not what others tell you to believe.

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I wouldn't use "makes more sense than Christianity" as a way to decide anything important in my life.

Of course, I think logical religion is an oxymoron.

I would advise you to enter into any new religion as an openly gay member, to judge it adequately.

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I agree with all of what

I agree with all of what Jeff says.

Especially the second part.
But I still say that following an organized religion is not the way anyone should go.. why follow what someone else believes, especially if you don't truly believe in that religion??

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I was high when I wrote

I was high when I wrote this.

I hate all religion, only religion even remotely acceptable is Buddhism. Excuse me for my idiocy.

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