Best experience.

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So the March was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. Everyone was so open and proud, most definitely inspiring. There were a lot of speeches once we reached the Capital and the group I went with really wanted to see Lady Gaga. She happened to be one of the last speakers too lol. So we all camped out on the grass until she came on. It was pretty cool. I saw this one hippy couple, heterosexual, but still hippy, and I basically love them.

After the March my group consisting of Nic (my brother), Mic (Nic's boyfriend), Phil (our NY friend), and Will, all went on a quest for a cool place to go to in Annapolis. We ended up at the Metro Diner then attempted to go downtown to the Inner Harbor, but we got lost instead. Lol.

Oh and after getting lost we had an underwear dance party. That was interesting to say the least? Lol. Those pictures will definitely not be going on Facebook haha.

I'll try to post some of the pictures from the March on here for you guys.


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oh i wish..

well im glad u got to experience something amazing!!!!

Life is easily complicated.

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Nic Mic Phil and Will?

Nic Mic Phil and Will? Haha...

Sound sawesome though. I wish I couldda gone. ^^

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Hahaha yeah. All the names

Hahaha yeah. All the names kind of rhymed..