Caramel Pink and Polo Blue.

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So I wore my "Legalize Gay" shirt the other day. Naturally, I got it in the most flamboyant color available, caramel pink.

Oh, btdubs, "Legalize Gay" is a brand of shirt from American Apparel, whose profits are donated to LGB-oriented causes. Well sort of. They still collect a profit, however, from those profits most of them are sent to donating "Legalize Gay" shirts to organizations or at rallies. Like, with the case of Prop 8 rallies, thousands of shirts were donated.

Anyway, I got a huge amount of compliments on it. I think I counted about 23. And well, my school is rather small. My class size is about 85, so that's extraordinary. Especially considering that my other kick ass shirts (such as my polar bear wearing sun glasses shirt) gets maybe 4 compliments a day. The only thing that can compete with the amount of compliments I got on that shirt is my scent. I swear, whenever I wear cologne, I have this following of females. This one girl, Adelle, smelled me during AP English Language one day, and during transition block, made 7 other girls to come over and smell me. I was like, "uhm... I need to go to APUSH (AP United States History)! Bye!"

But yea, I was expecting a few glances and awkward looks, and the rare "that's a cool shirt". but everyone loved it. I love my school so much, haha.


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If I wore that shirt...
I would probably be stoned to death. Lol.

But congrats on the compliments! XD
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Yay for compliments! And

Yay for compliments!

And also? USHAP is totally the better acronym. ^^