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So I'm at the point where I'm starting to be recruited by colleges for my sports. It's really cool, and usually the last thing on my mind is being gay, but once in a while it pops up in my mind and I'm like "holy shit how do I deal with this". I haven't come out in my high school, let alone strange random recruiters, but it is very important for me that it will be o.k for me to be openly gay on a team. The last thing I want is to go to a college and then find out my coach is some homophobe. But how do you find that out " Oh hey, also, I'm gay, are you cool with that?" Isn't the most subtle, especially because I'm not out to other people already. So how do I figure this out without alienating potential coaches?


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well it is important for u to be comfortable wherever u attend. so id say, tell them up front in a way that shows u r comfortable with who u r.

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If you just wanted to see their views on it, you could ask them what they thought about homosexuality, which would be a little less awkward than just saying "Hey, I'm gay. Is that okay with you?" I mean they still might see that you are, but they also might think that you're just a straight-ally.
But I agree with Kuu. You need to be comfortable with where you'd be, so whatever way you find is best to bring it up, use that.

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