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it was awesome but not as fan-fucking-tastic as last year's...
some cool costumes but lasst year's was waaay better
and Blue(my crush, remember?) dressed in mainly black because
well...she didn't have any orange...-_-' but all the same, she remains adorable...<3
i forgot to take a pic of her...damnit...but wait! call right now and recieve a free refill pack and two more sizes!

i asked her if she wanted to come over to my place to watch ghost whisperer....*squeeeee*
she doesn't know yet, but aren't you proud of me oasis? i gathered my courage!

downside is: i'm sick D:
it might be because my immune system is down due to extreme amounts of lack of sleep...
i hate being sick...D: i cant sing nor can i breath right...and my sinuses are feels like those sudafed commercials...:p the PSATs saturday morning...:p
watch me fail a practice test :D


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sad day...

it sucks being too sick to sing. we had a choir festival thursday and i had to surrender my solo-ish cuz i can't sing soprano right now.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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my best friend is taking her

my best friend is taking her psats tomorrow... and i was supposed to, i just never showed the paper to my parents. i'm a sophmore, and my english class was the only class of sophmores allowed to take them because we're in advanced english...


hope you feel better ! :)