Favorite LGBT actress or actor

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Have a favorite LGBT actor or actress? I personally like Clementine Ford AKA Molly form the L Word. Or Tasha from the L Word. Or Bette since we are on the topic....Yeah Tina was great too. How about Shane anyone?




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Portia de Rossi. or Jill

Portia de Rossi.


Jill Bennett.

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--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata

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Jill Bennett!

Ah yes, Jill Bennett. Have you seen her "We have to stop now" episodes either on her website or youtube?




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...are we talking about both actors and characters?

When it comes to actresses I like Ellen (Yes, I know, I know. :P), Portia, Sara Gilbert (Rosanne, Big Band Theory), Drew Barrymore, and Amanda Bearse from Married With Children she was sososososo good on that show and in the 80s vampire movie Fright Night. I remember thinking she was really attractive and thinking there was something really special about her when I used to watch that movie in the 90s.....how did I not know I was gay back then??? Uh, There were so many signs....lol.

As far as characters go I'll take Graham over Shane any day. :D

But I have favourite LGBT characters in every movie/TV show though, so I can't really pick just a few. In The L Word, though, I LOVED Tina by the end of the series. She was probably my favourite...but I liked most of the characters on that show. Too many to name :)

That was entirely too long.... :P

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Until you mentioned Amanda Bearse, I had never heard of her although I have seen Fright Night a few times...interesting movie. Tina from the L Word has always been a favorite of mine. There is just something about her....