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so today i went around school with a free hugs sign

i got alot of weird looks/ points and laughs

and some people i dont know actually hugged me!

that was awesome....i kept a tally but i didnt tally some, sadly...

the total tally so far is 180...amazing...and my best friend was the 100th one :)

and since tomorrow is natioinal coming out day...i'm going up to the 99 cent store and try to find a white shirt so i can write free hugs on it...

also...update on my nonexistant love life!

so you know that girl i hada crush on? she's totally straight...and i'm trying to get over her...

the sad part is...i'm getting over her with ANOTHER crush...

i realize that's bad and it'a just a double blow for me...


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*hug* does that make me 181?

*hug* does that make me 181?

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no, it makes you...

235! i went to the football gmae and got

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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Thats a cool idea.

I should steal that. XD
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Watch this video!

I support what you are doing 100%! Watch this video, it really supports your thoughts as well!


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that's where i got it from! and btw! i'm kimi has a booboo on your site :)

That's so straight. No, seriously.