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Tell your dog tell your friends tell your mom
We've been singing this song
Since we first showed up
With our pirate hats on

x) Love that commercial.

So, I haven't posted in forever, and my old posts mean absolutely nothing. I went through a very very very bad depression for a few months. I wasn't going to school at all, and I was getting stressed way over my head.

But my mom is paying me two dollars a day to go to school, and I get paid when I get good grades. :) I'm saving up for a Mini Aussie puppy. I went to school today, went to gym, math, speech, and got every question right on my World History homework worksheets, and completely aced my quest. (Quit / Test, Mr. Jordal made it up) I always stare at Mireya in the class, so it's amazing I'm passing it, haha.

Actually, Mireya and I make eye contact a lot, and more than enough to make my heart flutter and make me feel a bit uncomfortable. She's figured out that I like to look at her, so when she looks up she makes sure to look back at me, and of course I'm always looking at her, so she always catches me. Thankfully, she doesn't ask me about it, and we never talk so it's never awkward. But I really like her, I really really like her. God I just find her so amazingly adorable. She was my first crush, way back from 3rd grade. And when I found out I had World History with her, I was so fucking happy. I love seeing her, she is just so beautiful and so nice. A nice, yet preppy, Mexican. And the number one way to tell that I really honestly like her, I can tell her and her twin sister apart. I don't know how I can, but I can.

If I could, I would totally go out with her. I mean, she is just so quiet it's cute, and she's actually nice and pretty, and that's all a combination you just don't see a lot in Latinas, and we all know I have a thing for Latinas. :)

Now, on the other hand, my ex boyfriend Jerome asked me out. Which I saw coming, I told him before the summer that we will probably get back together, we only broke up because I was so stressed with my psycho ex at the time. Unfortunetaly. He asked me out the day of homecoming. :( So I couldn't go, I couldn't buy a ticket and didn't have a dress. The biggest shock of this? His is a football player. A fucking football player. And I'm not generally the kind of girl a football player dates, which is not only an ego/self confidence booster, but I missed him. :)

So I'm torn between obsessing the girl I'm totally amazed with, and focusing on Jerome. I've decided to do both! I'm keeping up with my studies, dating a great guy, crushing on a gorgeous Mexican girl, and saving for my beautiful Aussie puppy. My life is so much better without Nikki, it's just awesome without that psycho bitch.


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my gf thinks im weirder now :D yay :DD

"why, does she have a penis?" -Datarock
(cause im geeky like that XD)