ShowMeLove's picture's actually listed as a real word in the dictionary. I totally didn't know that until today and I was bored in class so I was just skipping through the dictionary looking up random words. Hah.

On a cruddier less happy note, I can't believe the ignorance in some people. I don't know if anybody on here watches the show Dancing With The Stars but yeah, they've got Aaron Carter on it this season and there's people on the Facebook Fan Page for the show saying he should be kicked off just because he "seems" gay. I couldn't believe what I read. I had to take a moment and then I was like wtf??? seriously??? And it was a girl that said this. She was saying he's "totally weird!! and gay!!!". Wow, I guess when you're not exposed to homophobia everyday it kinda shocks you when you actually do hear it :/

And then a few minutes ago I was reading about how there's a character on this TV show Flash Forward who just came out as a lesbian and on it's Facebook page there's these bloody ignorant women saying that they're disappointed that the show is featuring a such characters. Then another went on to say that she won't watch it anymore and that it's inappropriate to feature a lesbian relationship on a show that is aired at 8pm. Wtf?

God people are STUPID. Seriously, I feel like saying "We're queer, we're here, we're not going anywhere!!!"

Sorry had to lighten the mood. Still...I do feel like saying that just to see their assanine reactions. lol.


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Everywhere in my High school someone is using the word "gay" or "faggot" in a derogatory sense.

I hate it.

Makes me want to back hand everyone.

But its just something we have to live with.

Prejudice just doesn't go away.

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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even my friends are all using gay dorogitroyily when im not around, i hear them around corners and stuff. one day im going to either A. have a crying brake down in class or B. onch someone reepetedly till i feel better...maybe ill do both of those at the same time

without ferrets, this world would be hell in a a hamster cage

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Oh, wow, it's true. The

Oh, wow, it's true. The Oxford American says:
"gaydar |ˈgeɪdɑː|
noun informal humorous
the putative ability of homosexuals to recognize one another intuitively or by means of very slight indications.
• the similar ability of heterosexuals to discern the homosexuality of others.
ORIGIN 1990s: blend of gay and radar."


I just hate the way people use the word gay as something derogatory. It's funny here- where I live- because calling people gay (actually a variation of the word) is a term of endearment. Like you'd come up to your best friend and say like 'dude, you can't imagine what happened to me', but instead you say something that means gay here. But, then, the same word can be used to insult people- and pretty badly. Like it's a really bad insult that you only say to BAD BAD BAD people. that makes me mad

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