Halloween Plans?

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What, if anything, are you crazy cats planning to do for Halloween? And I of course mean "crazy cats" in a respectful way :) I will be hosting a costume party, getting my drink on and playing excellent music. Just wondering if anyone has plans or what you plan to be.




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... i'm going to see if i

... i'm going to see if i can find L Word re-runs online.
nothing at all planned. all my friends ditched me to go with their boyfriends.

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If you do, share the links,

If you do, share the links, please??????????????????????

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Yes please share the

Yes please share the links!



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Party. " . . . The sun does


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I'm going to be a character

I'm going to be a character in one of my stories: Baron Van Oestregan.

Lipstick, jewelry, more jewelry, a suit, jewelry, and lipstick.

And jewelry.

Never underestimate the power of Trick-Or-Treating. Candy makes me hyper.


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Absolutely NOTHING.

Absolutely NOTHING. Probably watch some movies on Logo or something. >.< Maaaybe hang out with some of the girls... dunno.

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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Im not doing anything

Im not doing anything either. High five!

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I'm still just young enough to go trick or treating

I'm in 8th grade now, so this is my last year, but I'm doing that and a Halloween party.

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im going to be a ninja!! and my outfit is cool. my costume is kick assy!!! and i will be dancing but not drinking cuz thats just not a fun thing to do at the moment. but next year, im gonna be a Lunatic. already found a sweet costume.

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Trick or treating... yay!

Trick or treating... yay! Even my 17 year old sister and her friends still trick or treat. xD

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Music school, then horror

Music school, then horror Dungeons and Dragons campaign ^^
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Not trick or treating anymore.

But I'm seeing my good friend, we have a tradition of hanging out on Halloween. I don't have a costume planned, but I might throw something together from past costume stuff. We're going to a really elaborate full scale very, very scary Haunted House. Ant then maybe have a horror movie marathon if she can stay over.