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I've finally came out to a guy! It's always harder with them because the chicks can identify with liking guys. I'm real close to coming out to the world.

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One Step at a Time...

Congratulations! I suspect that this was a very courageous first step taken only after much trepidation.

Share your innermost secrets very selectively and cautiously at first, and only with trusted friends! In time you will know when you can shout it to the world!

You have my support...

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yes!!! its all coming together.

Life is easily complicated.

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That's great! Congrats! I get what you mean though, almost all of my friends are girls, so the idea of coming out to any of them, even as bi is unsettling, because people can be unrational and reactive. I think it'd be easier for me to come out to a guy, then there's the whole liking girls thing in common. =)

But I agree with Elph, proceed slowly and be careful who you trust with your self and your secrets. That's great that you're closer to being completely out, but I would suggest doing it slowly, in stages.

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it was eaiser for me to come out to the female ppl as well. because A. they like guys also, and B. they are less likley to stab me reepetadle in the troat if they react badley

without ferrets, this world would be hell in a a hamster cage