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A ridiculously bad-start to what turned out to be a kick-ass day.

I woke up on time, and then remembered that I din't have a ride in to course, so I texted my sister, who didn't get up until two 'cause the docs gave her sleeping pills. So I was pissed and frustrated and what not about missing the day, and I knew I was gonna get blamed, no matter how I sliced it.

Anyway, part way through the day, T (who I've only talked to a little before, and didn't really seem my type) texted me, and we just clicked, which was awesome cause I thought it would be forever until I clicked with anyone again in that way, and he agreed to a date, and seems as clicked to me as I am to him, yay.

And A is cooking for us tonight, which means vegan fooood, YAY NOMNOMNOM

And finally, I don't think I need to smoke anymore.

I think I've won...



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That's great that T agreed to go on a date! Congrats! I hope you guys have a good time. Sucks about the lack of transportation though, I get it, been there. I now have my license and an inherited car, but i can't go wherever I want because of my parents. They won't let me go downtown by myself, where everything I want to do is, so I'm still stuck depending on them for rides there. I have to ask permission to go almost everywhere and I'm somehow still at the mercy of everyone else's schedule, which really sucks.

Congrats on the not needing to smoke! Knew you could do it. =)

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Aw, that's cute haha all the

Aw, that's cute haha all the best!

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I want some deets on this

I want some deets on this "T" character. Is he cute? Well, he obviously is, you've taken a fancy to him. But come on, I need a description.