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Your Autumn Sense is Taste

It's pretty simple... you love fall because it's the most delicious time of the year.
From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving leftovers, there's always a culinary treat right around the corner for you.

You also enjoy the smaller seasonal foods of fall - a pumpkin latte, apple crisp, or butternut squash soup.
You wait all year for your fall food favorites to return, and you're going to savor every single one of them!

What's Your Autumn Sense?
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You Paint the World with Interesting Colors

You are a true enigma. You are very mysterious.
Your friends can always count on you to be reserved. You are a person of few words.

You are truly a hard nut to crack ... though you'll reveal more when you're comfortable with someone.
You tend to be a subtle person. You are honest, but you aren't blunt about it.

How Do You Paint the World?
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Well things are looking pretty good for me w/school and all for next semester....doing some fin aid and ed. planning stuff on campus this week(then registering and hopefully getting my classes once fin aid is done)..I like the fact that Rock Cut State Park is like right up the street from campus and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy it sometime soon....watching 'new' show The Forgotten tonight(and each ep has been really good so far) and also watching DWTS results show...watching Biggest Loser/SVU/CSI:NY probably on Thurs.or Fri thanks to DVR...the weather here hasn't been that bad hehe...