holy fuck,

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i did it.
let me explain:
superadorable boy, in my AP Lit. class. black rimmed glasses, freckly, red hair. neon green converse, smart cookie, mug of coffee every morning.
i have never ever talked to him.
i sort of fell in love with him.
i mean. as much as you can without knowing someone.
i guess it's what you would call a crush.
so i wrote him a note today saying,

"hi, i like your green shoes. i'm sarah."

and i gave it to him. in the hallway. he looked confused, understandably. we've never approached each other before and here i am, bumbling and dropping a slightly damp note into his soft warm hand. slightly damp because, well, i was nervous. and my legs were shaking so hard afterwards. then my fingers stopped circulating blood, and they got icy cold.

phew. i cant believe i actually did it.
from here, it can go a couple different ways;
a.) he thinks it's adorable and writes me a cute note back
b.) thinks it's not too weird, comes and says hi in class
c.) is creeped out, never even looks at me again
d.) so creeped out that he makes fun of me with all his smart friends

i'm pretty sure i can safely say that option D is not going to happen. he seems like a really nice guy. a bit cocky, but kind.
option C sounds like the most likely.
but, god, i am hoping for A or B, more than fucking anything.

wish me luck,


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YAY!!! props for being courageous.

Life is easily complicated.

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*hug* good for you!

*hug* good for you!

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good job! :)

That's so straight. No, seriously.