I feel like...

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I read too much into people's actions...:p
so that i get my hopes up and then boom.
i'm disappointed...:p

i was so tempted to kiss blue that previous night...and the night
before that...gaaaaaaah...Dx

i needz me some gay girls at school
but then if there were more gay girls at school
i would be the lonely dyke...:p

so anyways...my mom came back from being away for a month
went back to home country for uncle's wedding with mi bro
and i saw some of the pictures...one of my cousin...she looks really
cute now...about two years older than me...and the other cousin
who also happens to look really cute, a tad bit younger than me...
maybe by less than a year or two :p what the hell?
i rally dont feel like school...but the only reason i go to school is to
see my friends and now, of course, Blue :p

well, good night you people who should be sleeping and
good morning to those of you who read this later on :)


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I agree.

I need more lezzies at mi escuela tambien.
(I hate it when people talk spanglish. Ooops. Lol)
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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gaaaah! again with the

speak/talk thing! we went over this already! XP
we all needz us some more lezzies @ the house of horror :p

That's so straight. No, seriously.