I Need Your Help!!!

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Okay guys and gals :]]
i really need some help,
Im inlove with a girl named Jesse.
She lives in Indiana,
and i am supposed to go see her from december 26-january 2.
the only problem is i need to pay for half of my plane ticket,
thats about 270 bucks.
I have a job,
I work with Avon.
the only problem is that not enough people are buying,
my paychecks arent coming in big enough and well,
im scared guys, we've both been looking forward to this for awhile and its going to be horrible if im not able to go.
Did i mention its supposed to be my first time meeting her?
i bet that was obvious lol.
if you are interested in buying avon, go to

other then that i make customized hemp bracelets and hemp necklaces,
idk about the prices on those though, guess it depends on if you guys ask me about it.

but to make my point even more obvious, I NEED MONEY, help me out?
pretty please?
im pretty much desperate. its the only thing i hate to look forward to while im dealing with school, work, and court and i really need this :/

pretty please and thank you. :]]

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Get a retail job? many

Get a retail job? many places are hiring for the xmas season specificially!

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Is there some reason you need to be there during the holiday period? All the airfare is WAY more expensive then.

I fly from CA to PA for Christmas, and refuse to spend that much, so I always go extra long, so that I arrive before and depart after the airlines jack the rates.

If you went from January 3-9, it'd probably be MUCH cheaper.

So, that'd be my advice. If you're on a budget, act accordingly.

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im only fifteen. im not old enough to have a retail price,
and shes got school, we have to plan for when shes got break.

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go during her spring break, since that isn't a holiday.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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im kinda in the same

im kinda in the same boat....well not me but my girl. not having money suckssssss horse penis. >.>. good luck with the raising enough money
*hugs* im sure you'll make it somehow :)

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(cause im geeky like that XD)

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Horse penis? yuck

That aside....have you tried to borrow the money from you parents? or Siblings? You have to pay it back but hey maybe they can help. However I do agree with the others on the dates...try to arrange a Non Holiday travel time. That or take the Grayhound bus much cheeper...yucky but much cheeper. Oldfoxbob.

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spring break is a huge

spring break is a huge holliday, everyone is rushing to get to cancun an shiiiiit.

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Spring break isn't a specific week, it varies school to school. Yes, if you go to some vacation destination, it will cost more. But if she just lives somewhere boring, it will be MUCH cheaper than Christmas. I rarely spend more than $300 to fly anywhere in the country.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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all of that is beside the

all of that is beside the point,
i posted this to let you all know that i sell avon and to ask if anyone wants a custom made hemp necklace OR tote bag, i make them all the time and i never know what to do with them, so yea. lemmie know.