i think its time for a change for the better.

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okay, well if you all have read most of my blogs you know that me and crystal are looooong over. and if you read my blogs from when i was with her you know that i was pretty much knees over tits inlove with her, and she pretty much was a total waste of time. well, shes part of the reason i pushed myself to be so girly and... the truth is, it isnt me. so i think im going to quit wearing my makeup so thick, get my "shane" haircut back and i want to buy a binder to wear. BTW i am now with an amazing girl named jesse, who im positive is different from anyone i've even been with in my entire life. shes a dyke, but she loves me for me, we've already talked about the fact that im more boyish and dominant than i let on, she doesnt seem to mind in the least, she just wants me to be me, and im just...just so happy with her.


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thats effing great. like im seriously glad u want a shane haircut cuz thats hot.

Life is easily complicated.

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Congratulations ^.^ [[Love

Congratulations ^.^

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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swweeeeeeeet :D

swweeeeeeeet :D