I think Oasis should have a chat, don't you?

53% (9 votes)
24% (4 votes)
24% (4 votes)
Total votes: 17


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I think I mentioned that to

I think I mentioned that to Jeff, but I can't remember...

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In its current incarnation, I wouldn't add a chat, since any new member (read: old pervert) could come on and try to get Nanook (or anyone else, too, I suppose) to send him naked photos. Right now, there's only 4 (known) old people on here, so easier to avoid any intergenerational canoodling that way.

Eventually, I'd like a system where after 40 posts or something a chat room would "appear" as an option, that way you shake out the pedos, creeps, and people who don't contribute. I certainly wouldn't give it to people out of the gate.

The other thing, though, is I'd fear that everyone whinging in a chat room would mean less journals, and would sort of degrade the overall experience here. It would be sad to think of all the lost wisdom because people just vented into a chat room to two people who couldn't offer as much help as the 14 people who would have commented on a journal, although not in real-time.

Lots to consider there.

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very good points Jeff.

very good points Jeff.

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Voted no for all the very sensible reasons presented by Jeff...

I guess that I'v just become a member of a quartet. I have no desire or inclination to ever sing off key. But don't hesitate letting me know if you feel my cords need a rest :-)

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i think that would be cool but yet i dunno cuz than it may get blocked from me during school.

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