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so, its 4:06 in the morning.
yesterday i stayed up till 6:30,
i really think i have insomnia.
i just got done watching Equality U on logo,
i'll have to admit,
watching my community be handcuffed simply for standing up for what they believe in got me teary eyed a few times.
Hmmmm, now im watching Roseanne.
idk what weird force attracts me to Darlene from this show... but its deffinitely strong. lol. im a weird ass.
OH did i mention that i get to stay home tomorrow night and hand out candy, carve a pumpkin by myself and probably smoke the rest of my cigarettes out of total boredom, all because i feel like being good in an attempt to build some sympathy and... well, whatever else i can squeeze out of my mum when it comes to the fact that i have 103948 things to get done and not very much time to get them done in, i believe its working, i havent been asked to do any chores in probably... eh... two weeks? good deal huh?
ughhhh. idk what else to talk about.
i think im gunna ask my mum about counseling.
idk... hmm ://


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I was attracted to Darlene,

I was attracted to Darlene, as well. XD
The woman who played her is a lesbian, yes? lol

Good luck with your insomnia!

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