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So I spend some time today to think about... myself.

And I realized that I'm a strategist.

I love planning, not necessarily doing.

Creating a systematic solution to an existing problem is what I find myself doing on a regular basis. Not sure why.

In addition to that realization, I also reflected on my short-term goals, and quantitied them:

1) 95+ GPA
2) 48kg of weight (technically "mass", if you are a physics freak like me :P)
3) 8 hours of sleep

I'm definitely failing on the last one...

But really, all I need is time mangament.

Time Management = Life Management = Me Failing =(

PS: Today is China's 60th anniversary! The parade at the Tiananmen Square was epic. And me and a bunch of my friends sang the Chinese national anthem in math class today. Boy, it brought back memories...


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You sound very...strategic! =) About your goals that is. Yeah I'm failing on that last one too. I'm getting up earlier but still staying up late. As for time management, well good luck! I need to improve mine as well, generally I suck at it. But I'm good at multi-tasking! :)

Oh and congrats to you and China!